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The Pietra Antica line, comprised of powder of granite in an acrylic matrix, creates an elegant, tactile and durable finish amenable to variations in texture and sheen.  Pietra Antica is an extremely versatile finish for a conclusive, rich finish.  



Genovese, comprised of ceramized stone suspended in an acrylic matrix, creates a less refined and affordable experience that has the capacity to create surfaces ranging from concrete, sandstone, to historic finishes.  Genevese also has the capacity to allow for the suspension of other materials such as straw or metal within its confines.  


Mantovano, comprised of powder of marble suspended in an acrylic matrix, generates a range of textures varying from high-gloss to more rustic finishes where you can control the visual and tactile movement as well as sheen.


Vitrex is a glass finish with the color imbued into the glass itself.  Vitrex provides a radiant and deep spectrum of color, with subtle reflection and demure feel.  


Chromocoat, comprised of powder of glass, achieves a smooth and non-abrasive finish, velvety to the touch yet modern in appearance.  

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